Published by Elliott Rodriguez

Hello No-Fluff No-Nonsense Reader, OK fine. My name's Elliott Rodriguez a writer working in Los Angeles. My degrees are in screenwriting and philosophy, and I specialize in crafting stories. I understand that people buy or don't buy things (ranging from products to philosophies) based on their understanding of it. My content is build on a bedrock of clarity. Here are some facts: Personal: - Highest on my list of priorities (next to loving, eating and sleeping) is the improvement of my writing skills by leaps and bounds every minute. My life is under-saturated with writing, reading, writing, reading and when I get the opportunities to do so in my sleep I do so. Random work experience: - One random and stimulating job encompassing both rebranding and revamping a Florida-based investigations agency and their website. - I have not worked at a copywriting agency. I did antique jewelry copywriting for three years at my dad's company which was probably a lot better in the sense that I got to take breaks whenever I pleased. What I'm doing now: -Writing YouTube reality scripts about NYC date pranks -Line producing (aka selling advertisement) for a couple of shows I'm not supposed to name -Writing a non-fiction book about my seven months of solo world travel, a screenplay about archaeologists in Afghanistan and a Coronavirus log Skills: -Interweaving humor, clarity, audience manipulation, simplicity and paradoxes into all of these topics: ethics, philosophy, mockumentaries, reality-TV, investigative journalism and sales What's really going on: -My forte is in story development. Every entity wants a meaningful storyteller, and I'm here to flesh it out, sculpt it up and manipulate the audience into wanting more. After graduating college with several script-coverage internships under my belt that were based in Hollywood, I thought, "What have I done? No backup Food Science degree?!" Now after years of hustling and traveling the world for seven months solo, I love my degrees more than stability. Things I'm currently doing to develop my creativity: - Writing in cursive with my opposite hand - Filling out IRS forms with my opposite hand - Learning the Spanish language by reading Don Quixote, piano playing and salsa-dancing - Reading seven books at a time including War & Peace, a book on Backgammon, A biography on Theodore Roosevelt, a 3,000 page book on ethics from university days, The War, Logic: How to Win Every Argument and Don Quixote -Meditating

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